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top 5 questions to close sales

Top 5 sales questions to Close a Sale

These Top 5 sales Questions are collected by Rizwan Bhatti from international sales consultant’s training sessions. These will help you to close sales while you are talking to a customer. There are some steps you need to follow to close a sale. Firstly, connect with your customer. Secondly, you have to know about the customer needs and then, you will be able to sale him your products or services.

top 5 questions to close sales

Question no. 1 What motivates you to meet us today?

By asking this question you will find the mentality of your customer. Its the best way to know your client’s need.

Question no. 2 Where you are today and where do you want to be?

This sales question will provide the future goals of your customer. So, you can explore some attributes of your service or products. These should help your customer to meet his goal.

Question no. 3 What seems to be a problem and how long you have this problem?

When the customer will tell you about his problem. you can sell him your stuff by proposing him suitable ways to solve his problem.

Question no. 4 what is the cause of awake at night?

By asking this question, you will be very close to his worries. If you have the expertise you can provide him a drastic demonstration.

Question no. 5 If this meeting accomplished everything you could possibly hope for, what would that look like?

This will help him to imagine his problem is solved by purchasing from you. Then, you can ask him to take a step to purchase.

By asking these top 5 sales questions you can close any sale within few minutes.

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