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The Life I have to go through Personal life blog Rizwan Bhatti

“The Life, I have to go through” is my personal blog. This article deals with,

Its my story – A story of an Entrepreneur.
Normally it goes on, “whenever I start interacting someone, I make it habit to stay in touch”. About 10 months ago
I started an affiliate marketing program in my company. Many people joined me as an affiliate marketer. Most of them were unaware of online marketing.
I started teaching them & guided well to earn online. I also published my new book UNLOCK ONLINE EARNINGS to help people to earn online.

Unlock online earning book by Rizwan Bhatti
Unlock online earning book by Rizwan Bhatti

Most of them left due to their personal & technical reasons. But some stay connected, who were depressed & feeling lonely. By chance they started sharing their issues with me as I provided them full opportunity to be a friend with me.
This is because I believe when your teacher is your friend, he will guide & train you in best possible way. But there were some side effects on me.
Because company (Circle of interaction) either its good or bad always have some impacts on you.

Yesterday, I broke the chain of daily chat. The people who chat with me started feeling as I’m dead. Because their chat box with me was empty whole day. In fact, I am feeling like I’m dieing.
I started feeling alone 2 years ago when I was much more happy with & suddenly happiness converted into worries of Semester exams (5th semester BS Textile Engineering).
I was habitual of chatting & talking on different business affairs. But yesterday, I tried to make myself away from mobile to think a bit different.

I started different businesses like Graphic Designing, Blogging, web development, SEO & Digital marketing to make myself busy day by day. But yesterday! I was feeling as aimless. I feel like I am dead. But indeed, I’m a coward as I tried to kill myself
many times. But whenever I think about my family, I drop this idea. Still life is empty empty. Every night lonely in room, Eyes feel pain with the light of mobile & Laptop & send me in a new state of mind. May be its life to look forward the net aspect.
But whatever It is I have to go through.

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