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What is SEO? Guide by Rizwan Bhatti aka Marketing Sultan

SEO or Search Engine Optimization nowadays a great process to generate higher sales. It is the process of getting free traffic from search engines by optimizing your website with the algorithms of search engine results pages.

It is a long term process but very interesting and fruitful. Most of the influencers and content generators use this technique to impact a huge community.

The search engine optimization process helps search queries to display your business in search results. It is the ranking of uniquely written content in search results pages.


What are the types of SEO & Google Considerations?

There are 2 types of Seach engine optimization. One is On-page and the other is Off-page. However, According to the new update, Google only considers On-page Search Engine Optimization.

Why Google only consider On page Optimization?

Google recently launched latest update. According to this update, Google bots only crawl relevant data and display them in search engine results pages. This update is banning all those websites from 1st page ranking which used paid / unpaid backlinks from high authority domains

What is On page SEO?

It is the Optimization of your content on your webpages. This can be using the latest optimization tools like Yoast, Rank math, and others.

What is Off page SEO?

Off-page SEO is the process of link building and submission of your web business in other search engines, Business directories, and social media.

How can I do it on my website?

There are many methods involved in this process. You can get services from Marketing Sultan to rank up your business in search engines. You can also follow my blogs and apply the strategies on your website.

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