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How to spy competitors Keyword Strategy by Rizwan Bhatti aka Marketing Sultan

“How to spy competitor’s Keyword Strategy?” a frequently asked question. Many students and digital marketers asked me this query multiple times.

Spying on Competitor’s strategy is not difficult nowadays. Use of online tools making easy to do this job.
There are 3 types of tools that can be used to spy on your competitors in all aspects.

  1. Content Gap Checker
  2. Keyword Explorer
  3. Backlinks checker

Many online websites provide users opportunities to use these tools for free. But most of free tools are not effective as the paid.

What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is a online tool for SEO and Marketing Analytics & reports making. Nowadays, Ahrefs 1 week trail can be purchased.
This tool have multiple features for online marketing. But the most important is “This tool covers 3 above mention features”.

What is Content Gap Checker? & How it works?

To spy competitors keyword strategy, content gap checker is very beneficial. This tool help us to compare our webpages with our competitor’s webpages.
This feature allows the addition of 10 competitors to compare with your webpage. By comparing, you will get all the missing keywords that others are using in their web pages.

So, in this way you can cover all the content gap by writing on those target keywords & ranking your website for them.
Here is the glimpse of my past content gap checking work report for Masoori Garments.

How to spy competitors Keyword Strategy Use of Content gap checker tool

What is Keyword Explorer? & How it works?

Keyword Explorer tool helps to explore the analytics like search volume, difficulty, number of clicks, cost per click, click per search, region of search about your keywords.
It can be used easily. You need to put your keyword in the explore area and have to press the explore button after getting access to that specific page. Because some tools are free and other sites charge to provide access.
By using this tool you can conduct keyword research and can develop your keyword feasibility report to work on like below image.

What is Backlinks checker? & How it works?

A backlink check tool helps to find out all the webpages & their content referring to your website. Different backlink checkers use their own methods to check the referring domains.

Once you get the access to, you will get the access to all the above mention features. By Utilizing their tools, you can easily spy your competitors keyword as well as marketing strategy.
In this way, you can rank your website for high traffic keywords to generate higher leads. Then, its conversion to sales. You can also monetize your traffic to earn with cost per click by advertising with Google AdSense.

If you have any query, feel free to ask in the comment area. Also Don’t forget to share this blog on your social media. Sharing is Caring.

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