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How a Business can change your Mindset by Rizwan Bhatti aka Marketing Sultan

How a Business can change your Mindset?

“How a Business can change your Mindset?” this topic came to my mind when I looked at clock today.
It was showing the time of 9:07am. Then, I realized I came to office 1 hour before office opening time.
I remember the time spent at school, college, university and at different jobs. Everyone was complaining throughout the time that the only one guy is late. (Smiling Impressions) Yes! absolutely that was me.

The Life I have to go through Personal life blog Rizwan Bhatti
The Life I have to go through Personal life blog Rizwan Bhatti

I don’t know what people call it is. But I call is sense of responsibility. I have started my business 2 years ago, when I was studying Engineering at National Textile University, Faisalabad. From that time, I feel some shocks at about 5:30 in every morning.
I have consulted many doctors & psychologists. Most of them called it sleeplessness or sleep disorder. But reality is far away.

This is the business mindset which insists me to be in the list of Top notch CEOs in the world. Those who get up at 6 in morning and check their mails.

This is the answer of how business can change your mindset. When I was growing up as student and as a professional, I feel its an easy to anything & I will do it easily. So, every time this thought made me lazy. But now business urges to understand the complexity of work and plan to solve daily problems. I get up early in the morning. do my work on time and mostly before deadline. I have time to spend with my friends and family. I have time to join gym and football club once again.
Now Life is much more beautiful and organized & I’m happy with it. Only only due to business.

This is how a business changed your mindset and life habits. Its my story. What’s yours? Share in the comment session below.
Best Regards!
Rizwan Bhatti
CEO – Freelance Agency Network.

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