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What is google sandbox and how it affects websites by RIzwan Bhatti

What is Google Sandbox?

Google sandbox Background – In May 2014, many websites ranking were affected and sales were decreased. The research was conducted and there found a cause. Which was due to Google Sandbox. It is a filter consists of an algorithm. It helps to filter the latest updated content in Search Engine Results Pages SERPs.

Why Google introduce this Sandbox filter?

Google introduced this filter in search engine bots to crawl and update the fresh content in search results. It mostly target the newly registered websites.

How I will discover my website is in Sandbox?

Usually, new sites are the main target of this filter. But when this filter is active on your site, your web pages will not display in search results. The main page of your website will be crawled for search results.

How much time it will take to get back from this filter?

many researchers conducted research on this topic and stated an estimated time of 6 to 8 months. But I have recently conducted research on my official freelance agency website. It took 91 days to rank up in search engine results. On 91th day my website was on top by beating the Upwork in search results in my local area.

How to improve my website SEO to avoid this filter?

The wait is the only way to cope with this situation. However, Relevancy is the key to rank up your website in search engines. By writing the most similar content and updating it from time to time can avoid your website from this sandbox.
However, Only Google uses this filter. So, you have opportunities to rank up in other search engines with your new website and its content.

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